Great app. Very well designed and so helpful in exams. Great job

Sprringman Jo
Sprringman JoTest HackGoogle Play

interesting app. great work

Pollen Chakma
Pollen ChakmaTest HackGoogle Play

Waooooooo Very simple but great its awesome ,amazing love it. no match for this

Saim Raza
Saim RazaTest HackGoogle Play

Wooow Very interesting… Nice graphics i was searching for this no match for this nice interface and great Idea.

Sanam Baig
Sanam BaigTest HackGoogle Play

WOW…Its really awesome and massive app with nice graphics and easy to use. Just love it

David Kai
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Test Hack

Why Test Hack?

Because Test Hack is the best app to cheat on exams and tests!! Pass your exams without studying. Do the tests with your classmates all together and obtain the highest grade in the class, quickly, easily and discreetly

Available Now

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Create and share tests

Create as many tests as you want and share them with your classmates. Once they have added the Test, you will be able to see their answers!

Write comments

If a question requires clarification, write a comment and somebody will be able to write you back.

Multiple test options

Has the teacher done two options for the test? Don’t worry, Test Hack has up to 4 options for each test. Choose an option and save your answers.

Multiple answers

Each question has five possible answers: A, B, C, D, E. If they are not enough you can always leave a comment with your answer!

Answers chart

Every time you save your answer, the answers chart will show you which option is the most answered.

Colorful check

If the chart is a little confusing, the question will be colored according to whether or not your answer coincides with the most answered one. Green, red or yellow!

Custom nick

Has the teacher caught a smartphone? Choose a custom nick so that no teacher could identify you.

Get Premium

Individual refresh

Instead of having to update the entire Test, you can update each questions individually

Automatic refresh

Keep your phone in your pocket and forget about clicking the Refresh button!